August 2022

Walk On

The Humming birds are preparing to migrate. At this time of the year more and more of them appear as they begin to travel down from the north, stopping over for the next several weeks as they feed with more and more frenzy. Soon they will leave us to travel further south before they make their final flight out over the ocean toward Brazil. Biologists still don’t know how it is they survive the landless journey from here to there.

Faith is like that. It gets us from here to there and often defies human logic. If you have walked with the Lord for any length of time, you know whereof I speak. You’ve experienced hardship or suffering of one kind or another. You’ve believed God when nothing seems to make sense. You’ve been carried on the wings of His grace, and you’ve come out into sunshine and found that miraculously you’re still standing, still full of faith and hope.

Some will tell you that hard things make you stronger. I’m not so sure. I think hard things convince you that He is strong enough to lean on and His word powerful enough to stand on. The journey through suffering takes courage, yes. It also is where we begin to truly understand joy and fellowship with Christ. “For the joy set before Him, He endured the cross….” (Hebrews 12:2) Somehow, in the infinite wisdom of God, we were made for this particular road, this unique path, where we discover who He is and who we are meant to be.

Suffering, even the suffering we bring upon ourselves, is not shameful when we endure it for the sake of joy. Joy is a place of communion. A place of belonging and becoming. It takes courage to embark on a journey that includes suffering, and it takes faith to see the substance of the joy before us. We press on. We persevere, because learning to love well is worth it.

Dear reader, what are you currently suffering that may have clouded your eyes of faith? What are you struggling against in your relationships? Is it possible you need to see the joy that is before you? Joy that shines in the darkness, bringing clarity and vision and courage to keep walking, keep giving, keep loving. Keep going, my friend. Resurrection life and the Kingdom of God is at hand.

Until next week, beloved, walk on faith. He will get you from here to there.

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