September 2022


More than three decades ago, on a major interstate highway, somewhere in the southern US, dense fog suddenly obscured the visibility of motorists. The resulting catastrophe consisted of a series of multiple-vehicle collisions that ultimately involved 99 vehicles. There were 12 deaths and 42 injuries. I still recall the television images that accompanied the breaking news.

Not just for the motorist is visibility crucial and dense fog treacherous. As followers of Christ, you and I must have clear vision unclouded by doubts and fears. “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18 KJV) Yes, we must clearly see the way ahead, and more importantly we need to clearly see the One we are following. The second part of the verse in Proverbs: “but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.” Keeping the law of love keeps our way pure and clarifies our vision. (Psalm 119)

I sometimes feel I’m in a fog. Navigating daily-ness and the various trials of life on planet earth, things can get muddled and priorities can get shifted. My eyesight can dim, and before I know it, I’ve lost my direction. Thank God that He is near and available and able to call me back to focus and adjust my trajectory. He intends that I be subject to the rule of His Spirit, who is my helper and companion and knows the way I should go. Even when I don’t see all the pieces or know how they all fit together, I can still see Him and know where I stand. Safe in His unfailing love, under the rainbow of His promises.

Belonging to God is who I am. Serving God is where I go. And, being fit for service requires vision. I can’t make it up. I can’t decide what I think I’m good at doing. I avail myself of His Word, and present myself to the leading of His Spirit, and He opens my eyes to the way ahead. He works to bring me together with others in whom He is working, and this joining advances His Kingdom. Sometimes quietly, sometimes profoundly, but always revealing His architecture.

How are you serving God today? Are you on your own path, or have you found a higher plane? Are your eyes bright with promise or dim with anxiety? Are you leaning into the righteousness of God or patching up your own righteousness? Open your eyes and look to where your help comes from. Take some time this week to read Psalm 119. Breathe in the law of the Lord and blow away the fog.

Until next week, beloved, open your heart to a new vision of Him.

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