July 2022

Sunrise, Sunset

Today is the first full day of our family vacation. This year there are thirty of us, ranging in age from a few months to eighty years. Consequently, getting to the island requires a whirlwind of planning and activity. Coordinating food and paraphernalia for that many bodies in two enormous beach houses, is a project manager’s dream come true, and my sister and I are spreadsheet queens. We are in heaven.

Last night, after all the unpacking and organizing, I was alone on the deck (the others in my house having retired to bedrooms or living areas). There was a low bank of clouds at the horizon where blue gray sky met blue gray water, and as the Sun began to drop down I wondered how the painted sky would develop. Within moments the underside of the clouds was shot with a brilliant line of neon pink, and I was delighted to realize I would actually see the entire disk of Sun sink into the water. A glorious set of minutes. A portent of things to come.

With coffee in hand, and the sky still dark, I made my way back to the deck this morning. My dear husband was already there, and we spent some companionable moments in silent worship and peaceful gratitude. There is nothing quite so exquisite as the first day of vacation as you look ahead to the slowing down and the expansion of time. All too soon it will be over, but for now we can let time open up for us and gratefully embrace all the Lord has purposed for our family gathering.

And the Sun began to rise. The dark sky became slightly less black, changing from gray to blue and then shot with gold and white. As the brilliant orb hovered just above the horizon, I squinted and watched the fractured light make rainbows between my lashes. Rainbows of promise. Thank you, Father, for these precious moments.

The family is a garrulous group, and we make an effort to engage in meaningful conversations with each other. This convergence of multiple generations engenders the sharing of diverse experiences and rich fellowship, and as we all seek to honor the Lord, we encourage each other to share about the things He has done, the opportunities and challenges we face, and the hope we have for what He will yet do.

And there is a great deal of laughter. We do enjoy one another, and have no difficulty taking the medicine of mirth. I have every expectation that we will be renewed and refreshed this week. I do hope, dear reader, that you also will seek out family, whether biological or spiritual, with whom you can share the joy of the Lord.

From sunrise to sunset, the purpose of God unfolds and the Spirit of God moves among us, encouraging, empowering and building. To God be the glory, great things He has done.

Until next week, beloved, praise Him from whom all blessings flow.

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