July 2022

God Alone

A Spirit-filled believer is a bit like a pneumatic tool in the hand of God. “A pneumatic tool is a type of power tool, driven by compressed air supplied by an air compressor. Most pneumatic tools convert the compressed air to work using a pneumatic motor. Compared to electric power tool equivalents, pneumatic tools are safer to run and maintain, without risk of sparks, short-circuiting or electrocution, and have a higher power to weight ratio, allowing a smaller, lighter tool to accomplish the same task. Furthermore, they are less likely to self-destruct in case the tool is jammed or overloaded.” (Wikipedia – Pneumatic Tools) Without the Spirit of God blowing through my life, I am static bits and pieces lacking the power of my initially designed function and purpose.

This analogy may seem far fetched, but my personal experience in God lends some merit to it. I have, on occasion, come to a stand-still, lost my power as it were. I have “fainted.” A personal or familial crisis is generally the cause, and I’m sure I’m not alone in this. It’s as though the container of my reserves gets busted (pardon the idiomatic word choice) and the air simply rushes out of me.

Try as I might, I cannot re-start myself, let alone come up with a solution to the crisis. I am at the mercy of God. It is at this point and in this place that I must wait on the Lord. “I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.” (Psalm 121:1-2 MSG) So, like the disciples of the early Church, I go to Jerusalem and wait to be endued with power from on high. (Luke 24:49) Naturally, I do not travel to Jerusalem. In the daily rhythm of my life I seek sanctuary in His Word and in His name. Without an agenda or worry, I rest in His character, and at the appointed time He sends His Spirit to infuse me.

It is important to note that God’s timing is His own. And as often as I have needed His help, in the end I must acknowledge that His timing is impeccable. Suddenly, I will find not only renewed strength but also abiding peace, an open heart and a clear mind. I do not wonder if I should have come to this new place sooner (a ploy of the enemy to draw my gaze inward), nor do I ponder what I did to make it happen (again, the wrong focus). I give thanks to God and glorify His name. He alone is worthy of praise.

If you’ll allow me one more analogy…. I had a toy when I was a child. It was a small wooden man standing on a round box. Standing alone, the man was at perfect attention. But, if I depressed the bottom of the box, he fell to pieces. When I let go of the box and released the pressure, up he came again with his head and arms and legs all exactly where they should be. When I try to pressure myself into action, I come apart. But when I let go and remember that God alone can move me, then all my parts are in alignment with His will.

Dear one, have you recently fainted? Do you seem to have nothing in reserve? Fear not. He is greater than your heart. (1 John 3:20) Wait on Him, and He will be faithful to fulfill His promise. Whatever it is, He does not require you to fix it. Only believe, and faith will restore hope. Hope will open your heart to love, and love never fails.

Until next week, beloved, hear His voice on the wind of the Spirit and rise to purpose in His hands.

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