January 2020

Faith Is Not Blind

The world view is often that “faith” is blind. On the contrary, faith is true, crystal clear sight. And by it we see all circumstance and situation as being sifted by the almighty hand of God, our Father. We see Him, our sweet and triumphant Savior, coming relentlessly in love to bring us home. And by it we know for certain there is no thing that can separate us from His love (Rom 8:39).

I need this truth. I cling to it. In the best of times and in the worst of times, the absolute fact and certainty of His love for me and the power if His shed blood to cleanse me produce desire, energy, and devotion to press on and to thrive.

Faith sight is true sight. By faith I see Him high and lifted up. By faith I obtain virtue. By faith I grow in the true knowledge of Him. By faith I choose to submit to His Spirit within me and grow in godliness. By faith I persevere in hard things and difficult relationships. By faith I embrace kindness. By faith I live loved. If faith does not produce these things and more, then I am indeed blind and have not remembered my salvation from the law of sin and death. (2 Peter 1:5-9)

I know that I often encourage you to live loved. What I mean is we will not point adequately to Jesus if we do not believe He loves us. We will fall prey to accusations of our enemy, the father of lies. We will become disheartened and discouraged and be ensnared by comparisons. We will be destructively insecure and fail to benefit from every good gift that has come down to us from the Father of lights (James 1:17).

Jesus, the Word made flesh, is the life and light of men (John 1:1-4). That light is given to us. By it we see Him clearly, and by it we radiate His goodness and His love in a dark and broken world. We will not love well, if we do not believe we are loved and live in that confident assurance that we cannot fail Him, simply because He cannot fail.

Do we forget to acknowledge Him? Sometimes, yes. Do we need to repent? Everyday. But He is faithful and just to forgive us, and our need to repent does not weaken His love.

Do you know and believe that He loves you? Do you know and believe that His love for you is not based on you at all but on His own nature? Can you, knowing your great lack and poverty, truly embrace His unending and unfailing love for you? Believe Him. Rest in Him. Come home to His heart.

Then you will find that you do not doubt the power of His love to heal, to redeem, to set free even the toughest heart of stone. We do not have to be distracted or dismayed by the hearts of stone around us, because His love is greater even than these. His arm is not so short that He cannot save.

Let this song sink into you. Receive the wellspring of His love for you.

Take time this week to sit in His presence and experience His great and amazing love for you. Respond to Him and walk in the power of His word which never returns to Him without accomplishing what He sent it to do. (Is 55:11)

Until next week, dear ones, live in the complete and perfect love of God.

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