March 2022


I heard something today, and it has caused me to pause and think. The moderator of our church service (who also happens to be my little brother) spoke for a few minutes about a recent encounter with the Lord during his Bible reading. He was reading through some verses in John 3 when he came to the one that may be the most well-known, even among non-believers: “For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son….” At this point, he felt God stop him and ask, “Why?”

The question is intriguing. Why would God choose marred and chipped vessels and then pay considerably above market price for them? It isn’t that I don’t believe He did. As a believer, my whole life is founded on the reality that He died to save me and all others who believe, and that He also rose again and is alive forever more. But why?

The simple answer: He so loved. Loving, however, is an incredibly complex, deep, and many-faceted set of actions, thoughts, and feelings. Love not only is power, it also gives power. Think about it. It’s the ones we love who have the power to lift us up, encourage us to action, make us feel on top of the world; or, cause us to question ourselves, maybe even hurt us desperately. That’s human love, and while it can be terribly wonderful, it is imperfect at best.

God’s love is in a whole different realm. The force and power of His love draws us and changes us. It requires nothing from us and everything of us. It is entirely faithful, always truthful, and utterly dependable. It is breathtaking in its beauty and holiness. It is magnificent in its power and majesty. The love of God is the highest form, the preeminent place, of intimacy and friendship. He keeps His promises. He cannot lie. And, He’s been pursuing a relationship with us since before time began.

He didn’t pay that exorbitant price for a trophy. He didn’t do it just because He could. He did it because that is who He is. He did it so we could know Him and spend time with Him. The most remarkable part of my brother’s testimony this morning wasn’t the question God asked. It was that God came and asked him a question.

Dear reader, when was the last time you waited in God’s presence long enough for Him to ask you a question? I encourage you to search the scriptures for His questions. His questions are designed to reveal Himself and to let you see yourself in relationship to that revelation. He wants to have a conversation with you.

Until next week, beloved, draw near to Him and let Him ask of you.

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