November 2022

True Colors

The changing of the leaves in autumn can be quite spectacular, if you live in an area of suitable climate to such a change. It is rather an interesting phenomenon. As the weather cools, the process of breaking down and replacing chlorophyll (which produces the green color) slows down and the other natural chemicals within the leaves reveal their true colors.

As human beings, we are prone to using various types of camouflage, sort of like armor against hostile environments – places where we are not confident of our acceptance, or we are unsure of the rules. The way we dress, the manner in which we carry our bodies, the volume of our speech, all can be defenses rather than expressions.

It is in the safe and secure environment of a loving family or community where we relax and become our true selves. In these places, we are known and loved exactly as we are, without defenses and without excuses. I find this one of the sweetest realities of a vibrant church family. The people within are authentic.

As I consider that authenticity is attractive, I realize that it requires a level of self-examination. I must be willing to examine my own thinking, motives and choices in the light of God’s character. I’ve come to acknowledge that what I discover as being against the knowledge of God is not within my power to change. The remaking of me lies solely in the hands of my Lord. I commit myself to Him, believing His love greater, His care deeper, His wisdom higher. If scripture is true in revealing I did not make myself, then it must also be true that I cannot re-make myself. Thank God!

This liberty does not leave room for neglect. I must diligently look within and acknowledge what I want to be untrue about my heart and my desires. These I bring to Him with full confidence that He is greater than my heart. (I John 3:20) O, blessed repentance. How simple! How profound!

Dear one, do you long for authenticity? Take in the character of God and lay aside your paltry coverings. Give Him your whole heart, and behold the joy set before you. He has already removed the veil so that you can behold Him and become like Him. Let your testimony be not about the choices you made but about the choices He made. As you fully embrace what He did on the cross, acknowledging every saving grace throughout life, you will overcome darkness and be revealed as a child of light.

Until next week, beloved, show your true colors, and let your light shine.

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