September 2023

The Servant Hears

The children were listening attentively as I shared the story of young Samuel hearing the voice of God during our Sunday school lesson today. Usually, they are a rather noisy and rambunctious group, and I was rather surprised at their quietude and focus. Afterward, their questions indicated a desire to learn, and we had a lively discussion related to hearing, understanding, and obeying. Obedience without hesitation can save lives. There’s a reason we teach our children to come when we call them.

As they left the room to join their parents, I stood at the window and looked out to see sunlight dancing on the leaves of trees. “Lord God,” I prayed. “Keep my heart as open to learning as these precious young ones. Let your word put down roots in our hearts and cause us to be strengthened and preserved for your purposes.”

“The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom; all those who practice it have a good understanding.” (Psalm 111:10 ESV) It is this reverent fear that teaches us to obey, and it is obedience that causes us to know Him more and more. He speaks. We respond. He reveals. We learn of Him by finding out what pleases Him. This is how we begin to know the heart of God.

God gives us choice on purpose. He knows that we must choose in order to grow. The world view today seems more and more inclined to the easy way, a sort of fatalism that shrugs off responsibility. The journey of faith, however, is a constant choosing. Choosing to relinquish, choosing to embrace, choosing to stand, choosing to sacrifice, choosing to fight, choosing to live. We are not victims, and we are not robots. We are freed men who choose to continue to serve the Master. A truly humble and noble calling.

Dear One, do you hear the Master calling? What might you learn of Him if you surrender to that call? I urge you to stand firm in faith and make the choice to obey Him. He promises to reward you.

TONE6 – “The Masters Calling” by Deborah Joy Winans – COVER – YouTube

Until next week, beloved, when you hear Him call, say, “Speak, for your servant hears.”

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