October 2021

The Good King

As old as I am, I still love a good fairy tale. You know: a story with kings and queens, princes and princesses, valiant warriors, and dragons to be slain. To be allowed to explore worlds in my own imagination is a privilege my parents granted, and I am forever grateful. It is possible that this encouragement to “see” with my imagination actually opened me up to the possibility of believing in an invisible God.

Imagine, if you will, a forever Kingdom. One with a good and wise King, whose people love each other fiercely and serve their King with loyal adoration. In this Kingdom there is always light and joy and fruitful labor. And all are invited to the King’s table, where he blesses and pours out his innate goodness.

There was a time, before this, when the King’s people were in darkness, enslaved by wickedness and self-interest, and constantly tormented by terrible demons. The King’s good heart was turned toward their rescue and redemption. But, being good and holy, he could not abide the darkness in their hearts. So, he called his own dear son to his side, and together they agreed upon the only way to deal with the darkness, once and for all: a love sacrifice, so pure and holy, that no black and dark stain could withstand it. Even Death would be defeated by this great Love.

Now, it took many, many years for all the people to believe the truth that their forever lives had been purchased into freedom by the love sacrifice. Generations came and went, and some of the people were lost forever. The King, however, had a book of names of all those who believed the truth, and as he had already made his own son, who conquered the darkness, the King of all kings, he established a day when the ruling son would ride forth on his white horse and bring those named in the book home to the forever Kingdom.

Isn’t that a good story? It captures the imagination, and then it captures the heart. Wouldn’t you want to live in that forever Kingdom and live devotedly for the good King? Here’s the good news: the story is true. It is unfolding even now. The Kingdom of God is at hand (Mark 1:15).

How are you serving the King in your life today? How often is your heart stirred with love for Him? Begin to imagine your forever life marked indelibly with His love, His grace and His faithful words of truth, and let your heart be filled with His desire. Believe that He loves you and be translated from the kingdom of darkness into His Kingdom of light.

Until next week, dearly beloved, bow before the King of your heart and let Him transform your life.

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