April 2020

The Dance

There is a reason that God made daytime and nighttime. He set up the order of our world before He set us in it. You often hear about the need we have for balance in our lives, and Im sure there is truth in that. I prefer the word “rhythm.” That’s probably because I’m more of a musician or a poet than an athlete. Life is a dance, and rhythm is where the rest is.

Anticipation is part of achieving rhythm. Knowing where she will step next before she steps is what gives a dancer that look of ease. Embracing the rhythm brings rest and confidence. There are a couple of people in my life who are a joy to behold in the rhythm and cadence of their lives. Not because they are always in control (we know what a fallacy that is), but because they have embraced the rhythm being called by the Conductor.

They have a beautiful secret, an inner peace that is never ruffled, because they’ve learned submission. Submission has enabled them to be flexible, pliable and quick to turn. Regardless of the circumstances, to be easily led through even the most difficult moves.

Are things difficult for you right now? Are you struggling with where to turn next? Unsure about the next move? Maybe you’re exhausted and don’t see an end to the work load. Step back and listen to the music (prayer). Watch your Leading Man (worship). Let Him call you by name and then put your hand in His (submit your will). He is more than able, He is also faithful. Yes, you have a part to play, but the results are His to bear. The outcome is His to prove. His banner over you is Love (Song of Solomon 2:4 NASB).

Lord, teach me to be in step with you, with your Holy Spirit. Let me find the rest to which you’ve called me by moving in the way for which you created me. I am yours, and all my hope and satisfaction are in you. You are the potter and I am the clay. You are the Grand Master, and you are holding everything I know and see. Let my joy be in you as you rejoice over me, and be glorified in my steps. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Let this song remind you whose you are.

Until next week, embrace the rhythm of His Life in you.

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