November 2023


We sat next to each other on the sofa with his tablet between us. The fireplace was dancing with fire and Christmas music was tickling our ears. Our annual online Christmas shopping was underway. Talking about our loved ones as we move through the list and anticipating the hoped for delight has become as much a part of the tradition as making the purchases, and we appreciate the leisure with which we can share ideas and focus on the recipients. This is a planned event, and we don’t rush it. We know going into it that we’re committed to the time, no matter how long it takes.

Later, I was placing some old but precious ornaments on our little tree. Each one a memory container and evidence of life shared. Some are made of fine materials and expertly crafted; others are humbler in both design and quality, yet as I handled them, I offered thanks for the goodness of God and His faithfulness. Decorating the Christmas tree is, for me, an opportunity to worship.

I’m so grateful for this season and the weight of tradition that settles around us. These things we do that focus our memories, open our hearts, and light a pathway to move forward. Like placing steppingstones and mile markers as we journey together. Remembering what the Lord has done and looking forward to what He will yet do.

In our broken and hurting world, it is good to pause and remember the herald of His birth: Peace on earth and good will toward men. God’s redemption plan for all who will come and be reconciled to Him. His life offered for us so that we can live and abide in His love.

Dear One, do you share in traditions that warm your heart and mark the rhythm of your life in Christ? I hope so. I pray that you will find in this season a place and a time for worship and thanksgiving, remembering His goodness and loving the ones He has written on your heart.

Until next week, beloved, trod the stones of tradition and enter His gates with thanksgiving.

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