November 2021

Sound the Alarm

I love a nap. Not everyone does, and I respect that. For me, the occasional Sunday afternoon nap is a real luxury. But my favorite is the kind where I am curled up on the sofa under a blanket and I drift off amid the sounds of people chatting in the kitchen while eating leftovers or putting dishes away and children laughing in the other room. This happens once or twice a year during the holidays when the house is full and loved ones are quite happy to let the aging hostess snooze on the sofa while they catch up on the facts and realities of each others’ lives. I much prefer this kind of nap that isn’t planned and takes me by surprise. I don’t resist. I let it overtake me. A rare gift indeed.

Our bodies need rest. And our souls need refreshing. But, our spirits must always be alert and alive unto God. Pastor was speaking to us today about “awakening” and the role this plays in our lives as believers who are and should be eagerly awaiting the return of Christ.

The Scriptures liken Sin to slumber, where defenses are down and people are vulnerable. In contrast, the life of righteousness is one that is alert and sober and actively engaged in the pursuit of God’s love and His will. There are several admonishments in both the Old and New Testaments regarding waking up from our slumber and being watchful, alert, and ready.

I am mindful that there are things God wants to accomplish in my life and in the lives of His people in these last days leading up to Jesus’ return. His Kingdom is advancing, and He has room for us in His plans. We are, indeed, “created for good works, which He prepared for us beforehand.” (Ephesians 2:10) And, as with any job, I have to wake up and get out of bed to accomplish it.

My husband rarely uses an alarm, and even when he sets one (just to be safe), he typically wakes up ahead of time. Most of the time, I wake up with him, but sometimes he leaves me sleeping and comes back later to wake me up when he knows I want to get up in time for coffee. So I guess you could say he is my alarm. I like this plan. It is much more gentle than clanging bells.

Still, alarms are necessary. They get us up and going. They alert us to danger. They are the signal for action. What action should we be taking? What things in our lives have anesthetized us to the reality there is work to be done and there is a King who is returning? Are we cultivating the things that really matter? Do we recognize Him and His work among us? Are we prepared to stand before Him?

Father, forgive us for our somnolence. Let us awaken to the light of your love and so proclaim the good news of your once and future coming. Be glorified in our midst as we give you all that we have and all that we are. Thy Kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Until next week, fellow soldier, hear the alarm, respond to His word, and serve your King with gladness.

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