June 2023


How did we ever get anywhere without GPS? I started driving before there were even cell phones, let alone satellite navigation systems. I remember having to have someone (anyone) give me specific directions, with landmarks and street names, if I was going somewhere I’d never been before. These days, I don’t think a thing about agreeing to meet someone in a place I’ve never been. As long as I have an address, I’m good to go. Unless I decide I know better than that annoying female voice. She doesn’t give up, though. “Recalibrating.” “When possible, make a U-turn.” “Recalibrating.” Then I’m doing the unconscionable: talking back to her. Using words I’m not proud of.

“My grace is sufficient for you….” (2 Corinthians 12:9a) I am greatly comforted by the present tense of this statement. It is always and consistently true. Every “now” that I encounter, no matter how grand or how tragic, God’s grace is enough. Further, God’s “power is made perfect in weakness.” (2 Corinthians 12:9b) In the midst of my frailty of character or will, His powerful love is perfecting me. He not only desires my transformation, He is able to complete it. Because I have decided to follow Jesus. I have believed He is who He says He is. I have given Him my will and my allegiance.

Now, I live in grace. And most of the time, I know it. I can tell when I’ve forfeited the blessedness of this grace, however. It usually means that I’ve projected myself into the future with anxiety and fear, which leads to all manner of temptation. His grace is not there in what might be, because I am still here in what is. His grace is only sufficient for me when I am completely in the moment. Now.

So, when I get out in front of His grace, I must recalibrate. Or, I must be recalibrated. Finding the space to be quiet and listen and remember in Whom I have believed. The Lord of all is Lord of my life and King of my heart. Like Elijah, I do not find Him in the tempest, the storm, or the earthquake. He is in the still small voice. (1 Kings 19:9-13) Sure, He can orchestrate the external, but He wants to speak to my heart. The situations and circumstances often evoke a reaction. Then, when I hear His voice, I respond to His substance with the substance of faith. I change my focus and my direction.

Dear one, is it time for a recalibration? Are you reacting to situations, or are you responding to Him? Tune your ear to hear His voice. Find the space to quiet your mind and slow your heart rate. My prayer for us is that we know Him, more and more. What He thinks. What moves His heart. (Ephesians 1:15-23)

Until next week, beloved, hear the still small voice.

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