October 2020


I’ve been digging into the Word for the last four weeks along with some of the ladies in my church family as we’ve been participating in a Bible study together and meeting online to discuss the homework. The time has been blessed, the fellowship has been rich, and I am profoundly grateful for the depth of relationship we share in Christ.

Particularly, I have been intrigued by the hunger for intimacy with Him that we are all experiencing. Hunger for His presence and thirst for His life are longings He alone can produce in us, and I appreciate His kindness in drawing us to Himself. His desire is toward His people, and it is toward me personally. I don’t ever get over the scandalous magnificence of that reality.

As believers, we often speak of our devotion to Him, but the truth is He is far more devoted to us. He knows each one and cares for each one as a sacred trust received from the Father. (John 17:24) Therefore, our devotion to Him is in response to His great love for us, and I pray for us all that we would allow ourselves to fall in love with the Lover of our souls and be drawn into His love, which is powerful to save to the uttermost and by which He is able to present us faultless before the Father.

Let us seek His face and know His countenance upon us, which is good and kind and gracious. Let us learn of Him and revere His holiness, and may we be changed as we see Him for who He really is. The true knowledge of Him is ours because He reveals it through the power of His Holy Spirit to our hearts. (Romans 5:5) This knowledge is not idealogical or academic. This knowledge is ours by penetration. The Lord, Himself, penetrates us with His Word and our hearts become convinced of the truth of His self-disclosure.

As our local church is being drawn deeper into the things of God, we are more and more aware of the intimacy of His Word spoken to us. His Word is not a “to-do” list, rather it is the intimate self-disclosure of One who longs for fellowship with us and who has gone to scandalous lengths to bring us home to His holiness and glory where we truly belong.

As you listen to this video, let it become the prayer of your heart and worship the One who longs for you to be with Him where He is. (John 17)

Until next week, dear one, become obsessed with the One who knows you and loves you and has called you by name.

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