June 2020

No One Like Him

I typically speak from the heart each week and offer a song selection that maybe highlights a concept or that I feel might soften your heart to hear Him speak personally to you. This week, I want to begin with a song and end with an encounter.

This first song was one of my father’s favorites. Let it take you to that time in history when all seemed lost…..and then the stone was rolled away.

Pretty powerful, is it not? Gives me chills every time. I can only imagine what it would have been like for His loved ones who, after watching Him die, were able to see Him, to hear His voice, to watch His hands as He broke off a piece of bread, to gaze in wonder at the wind shifting His hair, and to look down in humility at the scars in His feet.

I’ve been writing this blog each and every Sunday for 57 weeks. In the light of eternity, I guess, not many weeks at all. And yet, as I bow my head in humble gratitude and lay each one at His feet, it seems His acceptance of my offerings makes them more than the sum of their parts.

It’s a wondrous mystery: the breath of God invigorating and inspiring my heart and mind. It is myself, and it is He. I pour everything out and trust that He will receive, renew, refresh (remake, if necessary), and be glorified. It is the liberty of intimacy, of abiding with Him, that my broken, wounded and sin-filled heart can be redeemed, redecorated and restored to fitness for His habitation.

Do I abide with Him always? I want to. Do I see Him as my only source of joy? I want that, too. My only hope is to see Him as He really is. When I believe that He abides with me, I don’t have to try so hard to abide with Him. When I believe that His joy is my strength, I seek Him out when I am frail. When I actually see Him with my heart before I try to figure Him out with my head, then I am empowered to obedience. God is love. And, I will obey His will when my heart receives His love.

Do I see Him as He really is? Do I know Him for who He really is? In fact, what would I do if He walked into the room?

This video offers an opportunity to encounter today the Jesus who walked out of the tomb. He is the King of all kings, and He is serious about His children being people of love who embrace the mission of spreading the good news and advancing His kingdom.

Click here to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NuPP2Kxyo00

Until next week, be relieved of burdens and lay down your trophies…when He walks into the room.

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