August 2020


We have Humming birds in our yard. They are fascinating and beautiful, and we’ve spent long breathless moments waiting for them to appear and then watching their energetic dances of flight and graceful hovering. But, they didn’t come to us until we drew them with the nectar they need to survive.

Recently, on a whim, we decided to buy a Humming bird feeder. Within a few days, we were delightfully surprised to see actually see one. Not knowing much at all about them, we started watching documentaries and doing a bit of research, the gist of which revealed two interesting facts. These birds live on the very edge of existence because their tiny bodies expend so much energy that they have to feed every 15 minutes. And, in order to survive the night, they have to slow down their heart rate and lower their body temperature, essentially “hibernating”, until the sun comes up.

I think I am a bit like the Humming bird. I must be drawn to the nectar of a life-giving substance. I must partake of it often, and I require a different state of being in order to thrive in the midst of darkness, trials and tribulations.

To me, our little friends have highlighted some spiritual truths: God has ordained that we should be drawn to the source of life, so He sent His Son and lifted Him up to draw us to Himself. He created us to require frequent feedings, so He gave us His Word and teaches us to pray. And, He promised us a safe place for slowing down and becoming still in order to endure the dark times, so He sent the Holy Spirit to help us pray and give us a pathway into His presence.

Father, I am grateful that You draw me to Yourself, for You alone are my source of life. I thank you that you offer living water from which I can drink frequently in order that I may live the abundant life You offer and represent that life to the world around me. And when there is chaos of darkness without, I am safe within the stillness of peace that is mine under the authority of Your rule and reign in my heart. You are my dwelling place and the One my heart longs for. I wait patiently for You, because You are entirely trustworthy. Let me know You more intimately and so bear Your name more authentically. In Jesus name, amen.

Fellow believers, I encourage you to be drawn to the mystery of abiding in Him where all your life and hope and love reside. Be still in His presence and find the peace that passes understanding. Let your life of prayer be as incense of worship that rises as swiftly as the Humming bird flies to the Heavenly throne of grace.

Until next week, dear one, come often to the sweet nectar of life that is ours in Christ.

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