July 2023

Living the Adventure

It is late in the evening, and it has been a sweet Sabath. We were asked to serve Communion with several other couples and were early to church for prayer with the pastors and elders in preparation thereof. The reading of Scripture always pierces my heart and enlivens my spirit, and it is so very good to remember all He has done. His people have been doing so for thousands of years. We remember, and we speak of these things to our children and their children, and the gift goes on, generation after generation.

After the service, and after greeting so many of our friends, we went back to mother’s home for Sunday dinner with family who had come from out of town. It is in these times when I am overcome with gratitude “to be part of the universal body of believers in the Living God” (as my grandmother used to say). Indeed, our conversation around the table was full of wonder and awe of the majesty of Creator God and delight in acknowledging how much we do not know. The mystery is captivating because what we know of Him causes excitement to surround what we don’t know. He is both dependable and unpredictable in the most comforting and delightful way. I trust, dear Reader, that you are catching a glimpse of the adventure of life in Christ.

We arrived home in time for the requisite Sunday afternoon nap, and now I am happy to be here, pen in hand (metaphorically speaking) to make my weekly offering of musings upon living, moving, and being a child of God. Having been drawn into relationship with Jesus and learning of Him, we, His people, live in the earth according to His purpose and with all our energy contributing to our communities out of hearts that love mercy, doing justly and walking humbly before our God. (Micah 6:8)

I find that remembering is like memorizing. It requires focus, intentionality, and rehearsal. And it’s as much a spiritual as it is a mental exercise. It takes practice to become adept at remembering Christ in the dailiness and often disturbing attributes of life on planet earth. I’m still learning, and will be, until I see Him face to face. His nearness and His faithful promises draw me onward and upward.

As you move into this week, dear one, I urge you to take time to remember Him and all that He has done. Seek out someone with whom to share your experiences of Him. And in so doing, cultivate His faithfulness. The Lord of the harvest is sending you into white and ready fields.

Until next week, beloved, may Christ be magnified in you!

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