March 2024

Let Us Run Together

We were barreling down the highway doing close to eighty, and there were still cars zipping by as they weaved in and out of lanes avoiding other cars that appeared to be loping along. There were about 20 semis in the far-right lanes also jostling for position. It should have been terrifying, but it hardly registered with me.

What we take as the normal state of things today is vastly different than what it was a hundred years ago. And it occurred to me that we humans have had an amazing ability to grow accustomed to managing an ever-increasing speed of transportation. It takes constant situational awareness, judgment, and flexibility to stay in the flow of traffic, and we have apparently embraced this demand with equanimity and a certain amount of trust that others can and will do the same.

There is a correlation here to our spiritual journey. As we are being transformed into His image, we are growing in the true knowledge of Him. His character is becoming ours, and His purposes are forming our own desires. We begin to see Him more clearly and obey Him more quickly. Our responses to His love becoming more and more as natural as breathing. We go from crawling to walking to running. “Draw me after you and let’s run together!” (Song of Solomon 1:4 NASB) 

He made us to be something other than what we are without Him. In our natural state of sin, we can only do the best we can do. With Him, however, all things are possible. (Matthew 19:26) The love of God changes us, and it changes our perspective. We see the journey, not with fear of all the other people on the road, but with joy that we are carried along with Him to where He has destined us to be.

Dear One, are you in need of fearlessness in the journey? Do you hunger for His presence in which there is fullness of joy? (Psalm 16:11) Me, too! Let us behold Him together and become like Him when we see Him face to face.

Until next week, beloved, let Him draw you after Him so you can run together.

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