February 2022

In Secret

We are preparing for the Humming Birds to return this year. We’ve prepared the nectar, cleaned the feeder and hung it on the hook that has been unadorned all winter. There is something about the preparing that heightens anticipation. I find myself remembering the beauty and the antics of the ones who’ve stayed the Spring and Summer with us in years past, and wondering what new delights await us this year.

Even as I sit by my crackling fire, I can see the first evidences of Spring. There are trees just beginning to bud, and there is something in the cool air hinting of warmer days to come. Yes, I am quit aware there will most likely be another frost or two before the glory bursts forth, yet I am gently comforted by the assurance of its coming.

As I ponder the joy that is mine in the waiting and the satisfaction in my soul when preparing, I hear the Lord whisper: “So it is with you and me.” And I know that as much as I am blessed in the waiting, I do not want to miss the blessing of preparing.

What does it mean to prepare the way of His coming? How am I actively engaged in this process of making room? Of course, there is the long view of His imminent return, but there is also the morning by morning visitation of His presence and the moment by moment wondering at His appearing in the lives of those around me. Looking for Him and expecting Him to reveal Himself requires my attention. I must exert effort with my mind, heart and will to stay quiet and still. In the same way that I have to be very still and quiet in order to witness the dance of the Humming Birds, my inner being must be at rest in order to appreciate the gift of God’s revelation of His person.

What faithfulness to prepare can I cultivate in these days? In the fast pace of a busy life, I need to slow down on the inside and lengthen my stride. It’s amazing to me how distractions seem to shorten the time, while intently held attention seems to lengthen the time, or at least to increase the capacity of it.

So, is it possible for my internal rhythm to move at a slower pace than my external rhythm? Can I dwell on a single truth long enough for it to become part of who I am? This is counter intuitive and contrary to our human nature. We are, I think, very much like the frenetic Humming Birds, dancing from one feeding to another. Can we learn the art of meditation and linger in utter stillness? What might we find in this secret and quiet place?

O, Lord, my God, how I in awesome wonder, consider all the worlds Thy hands have made. Teach me, Lord, to be still in the considering, to exert self-control and let Your being consume my own. In the quiet, in the secret, let me know Your presence and hear Your voice. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Until next week, beloved, find the quiet place inside where He will speak and you may know Him.

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