November 2020

From Glory to Glory

Leaves are falling now, and branches are becoming bare. The air is cooler and the wind more penetrating. It is a welcome change, even though tinged with the promise of even more barrenness and bitter cold. I am always glad when the season changes, because every season has its own glory. I am charmed and strangely comforted by the rhythms and cycle of life on this God’s especially created world.

I say, “strangely” comforted, because in a way I am surprised that with each new season I lean forward in anticipation of what it will bring, all the while knowing that it will surely pass and another will come. Why this comforts me, I cannot always say, but the comfort is real nonetheless.

Maybe it’s because I am also changing, and the changing seasons, which are critical to planting and harvesting, serve to remind me that God’s purposes for me and for His people are continuing to unfold, continuing to grow. “Of the increase of His government and peace, there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:7)

Through every changing circumstance and every deepening relationship, His work in me is to produce a likeness of Himself, whereby He sees to it that I represent His nature and bear the fruit of righteousness. I’m so grateful He is able to perform His good work, and my only job is to stay close enough to Him to be changed by His love for me, from glory to glory.

It is the power of love demonstrated that changes us. The beauty and mystery of this truth captures our hearts, focuses our thoughts, and subjects our will to the divine. How can we not respond to this great love with abandonment, devotion, and worship?

That He would come in order to draw us to Himself. That He would sacrifice fellowship with His dear Father, even for a moment, for the purpose of making a way for us to be with Them in eternal fellowship. And, that heaven would rejoice to call us home. What glory! What grace!

As you consider ways to be grateful in this season, look to see where He is working and who in your life is moving closer to Him. Look for evidences of love, and participate in the demonstration of it. Let’s find our hearts enlarged by love, swept clean by love, and motivated by love to be about the Father’s business.

Until next week, beloved, embrace the new season and look for His glory.

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