June 2020

For or Against

David was a man after God’s own heart (1 Kings 11:4). Isn’t it interesting that scripture portrays David as a man loyal to the heart of God, when you consider some of the disastrous choices he made. Being loyal to the heart of God must mean something other than being right all the time.

David’s journey with the Lord offers us much insight into the heart of God, and it offers us much hope in the nature of God’s desire toward His people. As you see the life of David unfold, from shepherd boy to soldier to king, you see someone unafraid to enter into relationship with God, someone unafraid to say what was on his mind and in his heart, and someone absolutely captivated by the Creator of his world and the King of his heart.

David was more about chasing God than he was about running from his enemies or even fighting his enemies. He was for God so much more than he was against his enemy.

How about you? Do you live for something, toward something? Or, do you live in antithesis to someone or something? Are you moving toward the future or away from the past? You might say, “Well but what is the difference?”

Spend a little time thinking about that. What IS the difference?

A long time ago I suffered through divorce. And to this day I feel like a survivor of cancer. It happened to me the way a sickness happens. And at the time, I came to a profound and life-changing realization. I had been living for years in antithesis to a sickness, a brokenness, and I was going to have to learn how to live for something, anything.

Was the Lord with me all those years? For sure He was. Was He merciful to extend grace to me, even when my motives were not pure? Of course He was. He doesn’t change, ever. He is the Truth, and eventually, I learned to chase after Him. To desire a heart that is always after His without being distracted by what might reach out from the past to trip me up.

Repentance is the place where I lay down what I’m fighting against and gain what I’m chasing after. And it really is that simple. Turning away from the sin that entangles (mine or anyone else’s that may be eating my lunch), and running into the arms of Jesus, who is my own dear Savior and the Lover of my soul (Hebrews 12:1). When I am convinced He loves me, how can I not press eagerly toward every opportunity to experience His love for others.

Take some time this week to remember He loves you, and ask Him to show you where in your life you are fighting against something or even someone. Are you fighting emotions? Are you fighting for a place at work? Are you fighting for a place in your own family? Lay it down and chase something else. Chase the One who holds the key to your heart and even the keys of hell and death. He’s worth it.

Until next week, fellow so-journers, look for the face of God. He’s beautiful.


  • Albaluisa

    February 30, 2020

    Thank you, Ms. Dani, your expression is beautiful, “Chasing G-d.” This past Sunday, my husband and I went for a walk to Little Mulberry Park – you can use paved trails or challenging paths. My husband is an expert in hiking mountains.

    I enjoy walking with him; I feel safe knowing that he chooses the best path. He always teaches me little tricks; he not only cares that I enjoy the ride. He always makes sure that in no way do I trip or fall; sometimes, he has put his feet for me to walk on them.

    So after a long way my husband started to walk faster and faster, I was resisting on following his pace, I told him to wait for me, and I said what matters to me the most is being with spend time with you. However, even if I doubt, I have to chase him, so I won’t get lost and still enjoy his company, which I really care about. After a while, I asked him to remain there a little longer, and he said, “I know it feels good here, but we don’t live here …. ‘ vamonos a la casita’ (let’s go home).”

    So that is what I have learned for your teaching.
    Chasing G-d is what really matters in the certainty that He knows the path. He is the expert; he immensely cares about us, and being with Him is more important than anything else.
    …… and may one day He will say ” I know it feel good her, but we don’t live here…..”.vamonos a la Casita ”


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