March 2023

  • March 2023


    My husband got a new hat. One that he’d been wanting for years and had never decided to spend for the luxury of it. I was especially thrilled to be with him when he saw it, and even more charmed when he agreed to purchase it. I’m not sure which of us wanted him to have it more. Now, when he wears it, we both grin like two children who have won golden tickets. Since his diagnosis, which carries an uncertain prognosis and no small measure of discomfort, we are more inclined to slip into God’s merciful embrace and enjoy the moments. There is nothing quite so delightful as knowing…

  • March 2023


    The beautiful bare winter trees are beginning to leaf out in newness, and the first flowering branches of cherry, dogwood and red bud herald the season of rebirth. It’s a miracle of regeneration that takes my breath each year. How like God to give us a glimpse of the nature of His heart in the world He created. God never changes, but His infinite riches are so far beyond comprehension that each expression of Himself to us creates a new experience for us. The rhythm of life He set as boundaries for our earthly existence is the structure in which we begin to know Him, morning by morning, season by…

  • March 2023


    Small children have a delightful acceptance of things beyond their control. There is a certain fearlessness that is theirs because they don’t yet know all the ways things can go wrong. A toddler will fall down trying to go faster than his legs and balance can sustain him and will promptly get up and keep going. He does not seem to experience a sense of debilitating failure, and often finds the whole affair quite funny. He has absolute trust that his environment is meant to be a safe place to explore the possibilities of mobilization. I think the Kingdom of Heaven is a similar environment. A place where peace reigns,…