December 2023

Awe and Wonder

The fire that blazed up from the hibachi grill shot up between us and the chef and was hot enough to bring a flush to our cheeks. We had taken mom and our daughter out for a little pre-Christmas festive dinner, and there was now a definite glow about us. As we were watching our food being prepared, my daughter turned to me and asked, “What is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen?”

She has a unique gift for asking questions that make you pause and consider. I thought for a minute and said, “There have been many things through the years, but one that stands out in my mind at the moment is an entire mountainside covered in Aspen trees with their golden leaves shimmering in the breeze.” Truly a wonder.

Of course, later in the evening as I pondered the moment, I realized that there are so many ways to experience beauty. An elderly woman holding her newest great grandchild and gazing upon all the hope and potential of new life. A young lady on the eve of her wedding standing alone at the window glimpsing a future of togetherness. An outdoor explorer coming up out of the wilderness after months of solitude to see the welcoming light and sounds of a thriving village. Beautiful indeed.

Then, in our worship service today Pastor remarked upon the wonders of God’s creation and His love and pressed us all to consider things we may have ceased to appreciate with wonder. I felt as though I had been set up to hear this message with an open heart. The gospel of good news is for the whole world, and if we’re believers who have been granted access to the family of God, then we are part of something wonderful that is far larger than we can possibly imagine.

This Eve, as we await the coming Day of Christmas and all that it means for us in our families and communities, I pray we will embrace the beauty and the wonder of togetherness. This moment we’ve been granted to encounter a glimpse of eternity in our shared love. Jesus came to be with us so that we could be with Him and with the Father. Joy to the World!

Until next week, beloved, let your soul be awed and your heart be wonder-filled.

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