December 2020


Here we are, just a few days away from Christmas. The season of Advent is almost complete. We’ve been on a journey of waiting, watching, repenting and preparing for His coming. Are we ready for His arrival? Will we accept what He offers when He comes? Will we accept Him and offer Him room in our hearts?

When He came the first time, the children of Israel had been waiting for hundreds of years, hoping the promises of a Messiah were true, and yearning for deliverance from their oppressors. Yes, they had returned to the “promised land,” but they were under pagan rule, afflicted by pagan influences, and they were sorely in danger of losing their heart.

Then a Son was given. Prophecies were fulfilled. Messiah had come. It should have been a great time of rejoicing for all of Israel. It wasn’t. There was political strife. There was persecution. There were religious factions, and there was an inability to recognize Him for the gift and promise that He is.

There were a few who believed, of course, and they, too, had doubts and struggles. As it turns out, though, He captured their hearts. The seemingly successful plot to murder Him didn’t accomplish it’s intended aim, and through those who believed, He spread the fire of His love to the whole world. Because they believed, they also adored, and because they adored, they also followed.

He turned their world upside down and their hearts inside out. They learned to recognize His ways. They listened to what He had to say. They adjusted their lives to Him, and He in turn transformed them into a fearless and unified force capable of spreading the gospel to the ends of the earth.

Following Him was and is risky business, which is why faith and adoration are so crucial to our obedience. Faith gives us courage, worship engenders intimacy, and intimacy with Him is transforming. We behold and become.

Will you receive Him when He arrives on your doorstep? Will you accept what He offers? He may not look like you thought He would. He may not behave like you think He should. He may not bring what you think you want. If you know Him, you know the risk is entirely worth it, because He is worth it. His heart is true, and the power of His love is real.

As you prepare to enjoy this week of anticipation and celebration, let Him be front and center. I can promise you He really is the life of the party.

Until next week, beloved, come, let us adore Him.

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