May 2020

A Life-Long Student

My mother has been a champion of the under appreciated, the lost and forlorn, and the unloved her entire life. It is not a cause for her, but rather it stems from her ability and desire to see the worth and value in a person. She is always looking with keen interest at the people God puts in her path.

I believe she has lived a life of evangelism in this way, and we will not know until we are on the other side what is the measure of her life of interest and care for others. She has laughed with them, cried with them, been angered on their behalf, rejoiced in their victories, and applauded their achievements. And most importantly, she has prayed for them.

I have come to see her as a student of God’s story in the context of human lives. And the most inspiring aspect of this pursuit is her desire to press on, to keep learning, to continue to grow in the knowledge of Him who weaves the tapestry of our lives together. She truly sees every encounter as an opportunity to extend a blessing, learn of Him, and find a treasure.

On this day set aside to honor mothers everywhere and every when, I choose to honor mine by extending a blessing such as I’ve known her to do countless times over the years:

Dear child, know that you are loved. Know that you are appreciated. Know that you are valued. Let your heart be encouraged. Know that you represent the creative power of Almighty God, and you have purpose and destiny in Christ who died for you. By the authority of Christ, I bless you.

As you go into this week, look around you at the people God has placed in your path. What manner of blessing might you offer them? What offering of time might you spend in prayer for them? What might you learn of the God who created them?

This song by Pat Barrett has a line that inspires me to want more of His love: “Lead me in Your love to those around me.”

Until next week, allow Him to love through you all those He has brought into your path.

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