May 2019


Welcome to Cultivating Faithfulness. This community is for those who want to pay attention to, attend to, and nurture gratitude for the faithfulness of God as we journey together in the light of His word. We are ones who are hungry for the Bread of Heaven, searching together for the daily bread of His Word that leads us into His presence. His nearness does us good, and the good news is that He draws near. Jesus came to dwell with us and to make a way for us to dwell with Him.

I am so grateful for His faithful initiation and kind intention toward me. I may not always understand the way things turn out or why people are hurting, but I know for certain that when He draws near, I am helped, comforted, enlightened and empowered to love Him and all those He brings into my path. The powerful love of God has been focused on you and me, and we have opportunities every day to respond to Him and to give cheerfully out of that storehouse of riches that has been given to us.

Over the next number of weeks, I and those who choose to join me are going to be reading, praying, and journaling through Galatians, Ephesians, Philippians and Colossians. Each week I will post the passage for study, along with a few journaling prompts. Please feel free to share any thoughts, prayers, and insights by emailing me by Friday each week. I will post these comments so we can share together in this feast of Bread.

I hope your fellowship with each other throughout this journey will be rich and productive, and I believe together we will see the fruit of righteousness as we cultivate the faithfulness of God through the study of His Word.