Zephaniah 3

Paraphrased by Emily Reep

My zeal is a fire that will purge and purify you. 

In the end I will turn things around for you. 

I’ll give you a language that is undistorted, unpolluted, words to address Me in worship and help you to serve Me with your united, whole heart, mind, and will. 

All that is scattered within you and far away from Me will come home with offerings of worship. 

You’ll no longer have to be ashamed of all those acts of rebellion. 

I’ll get rid of your pride, your arrogance. 

I’ll purify your heart within you- the heart that I am working in. 

You will be content with who you are and where you are, unanimous, living at peace. So sing- be happy and celebrate! 

God has forgiven and cleansed you. 

From now on, God is your King, in charge at your center. 

There’s nothing to fear. 

Don’t despair. 

Your God is present within you, a strong Warrior there to save you. 

Happy to have you back, He’ll calm you with His love and delight you with His songs. The accumulated sorrows of your chains will dissipate. 

I, your God, will get rid of them for you. 

You’ve carried these burdens long enough. 

I’ll get rid of all that makes your life miserable. 

I will heal you, bring you back, give you a home- a place to belong. 

All of your painful partings turned into reunions.” 

This is God’s Promise.